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Freight California has a job opening for a freight broker agent.  Our freight broker agent job involves selling transportation solutions to companies who ship freight in California on a regular basis.  We prefer to work with an experienced freight broker or freight agent who knows how to negotiate freight rates and provide freight quotes to customers.  The freight agent job requires an in-depth knowlege of how to sell freight solutions such as truck, rail, air, and ocean freight.  Please read below to learn more about the freight agent job and how to submit your resume.  

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Freight Agent Job
 The freight broker agent job with Freight California requires experience as a freight agent.
 Become a freight agent.  Our freight broker agent job involves sales of freight solutions.
 Success in the freight agent job requires dedication to a job or career in freight shipping sales.

  Freight Agent Job - Become a Freight Agent for Freight California

Freight California is seeking talented freight agents with existing accounts and contacts in the transportation industry.  Our freight agent job opportunity enables independent freight agents and brokers to sell truckload (and LTL) solutions on their own, and utilize our back-office operations to cover loads and manage the entire shipping of customers' freight.  Qualified freight agents will perform the duties of a transportation salesperson such as indentifying companies who ship freight, calling on key decision makers and presenting freight solutions in-person.

Freight California Freight Agents Get the Right Tools for Success

We help our freight agents achieve financial success by equipping them with the right tools for transportation sales management.  In addition to granting access to our world-class operations team, Freight California will also provide online access to our real-time transportation management system (TMS).

We also help freight agents by givng them an incredible "value proposition" to offer customers.  With companies trying to reduce their transporation costs, being able to offer low shipping rates gives you a big advantage over the competition. 
Freight California will give you a complete, low-priced solution to sell that will bring real value to your customers. 

Responsibilities For the Freight Agent Job

The main responsibility of a freight agent is to sell transportation solutions to companies who ship freight on a regular basis.  Duties include cold calling, setting up appointments, introducing freight solutions to customers, negotiating freight rates and communicating shipping requests to our operations team.

Requirements For the Freight Agent Job

Freight California prefers to work with freight brokers and agents who have experience in transportation and their own book of business.  We desire to work with talented freight brokers and agents who meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in Transportation or Logistcs Sales
  • High Integrity and Willingness to Operate Lawfully at all Times
  • Ability to Work Autonomously and Manage a Sales Portfolio
  • Demonstratable Winning Track Record in Sales
  • Ability to Discuss and Negotiate Freight Rates w/ Customers

Only experienced freight agents with existing customer accounts or connections will be considered for the freight agent job opportunity.

Is the Freight Agent Job Opportunity Commission Based?

Yes.  Freight agents are compensated on a 100% commission basis and receive a percentage of the net profit generated from their sales.  We do not provide a salary or benefits at this time.  Freight agents work from their home office and enjoy a significant amount of autonomy in their work.

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